Who Am I?

2x2 Hi, I am Michelle, your Passionate Virtual Professional from the happiest and home to the most hospitable people in the world – Philippines!

I was once a corporate junkie, doing software development for the IT companies I worked for. I would usually do long commuting to-and-from the office until I learned that I can actually be an all-around-virtual-professional without the hassle of everyday Metro Manila Carmageddon. Oh yes! The almost unbearable, unresolvable (just yet) Metro Manila traffic.

So why am I even called The Passionate Virtual Proyou ask? That’s pretty simple. I am passionate about everything. Be it in writing and blogging, in homemaking, in work and career – everything! And I am being honest if I tell you that I love being able to help people in my own ways. It makes me happy. So why not put passion in every work you do, right?

Putting passion in everything you do simply means you are also doing it with all your heart. That is what I believe in. 🙂


Interested in working with a passionate virtual professional like me? Well then, let’s talk! 🙂